Saturday, January 22, 2011

My First Cake Pop Making Experience!

Hello my little Sprinkles sweets!

Everybody knows how much I love to whip up sweet bath and body treats.  Sometimes, and it’s very rare, I decide to whip up some sweet treats in the kitchen.  Mr. Sprinkle and I were invited to a Christmas Party, I was off work from my regular 8-5 job so I had some extra time over the holidays to whip up something for the party.  I wanted to try something new, so I scoured the internet and decided after some deliberation that I was going to try my hand at Cake Pops.  Sweet cake on a stick, I mean how can you go wrong with that?! HELLO! I found a FABulously sweet blog tutorial by The Sweets Bar on Cake Pops, you can visit it here, totally step by step (yes, that's what I need) and totally EASY! BINGO, I'm in! 
After deciding what it was I was doing, the next decision was what flavor? Oh geez, the choices! My mind was spinning! I finally decided on Dark Chocolate cake with Vanilla frosting and topped them off with crushed peppermints (it's the holiday season you know).
I followed The Sweets Bar sweet instructions to a tee, I highly recommend these instructions for fool proof Cake Pops!   These Cake Pops are totally decadent and yummy!  I don't splurge on desserts too much but when I do I want them to be splurge worthy and these are definetely splurge worthy! Anybody that knows me knows that I have a sweet tooth, actually every tooth in my mouth is sweet, I'm pretty confident of it. So, trust me when I say something is rich, you better believe it! So, I'm saying it, these are rich! I could only eat one and believe me, that is saying something.  Truly delightful with a big tall glass of cold milk! Yum!  Check out my creation below.

My sweet thoughts on my first Cake Pop experience.  These are truly a delightful treat, time consuming and only something I would make for a special occasion.So, will I make them again? You betcha!  Speaking of special occasions, you know that Valentines Day is quickly approaching and of course that got me thinking back to these sweet Cake Pops.  Think how sweet these would be with a Red Velvet Cake Mix, Cream Cheese Frosting, dipped in vanilla almond bar and sprinkled with some Valentines Day sprinkles! I think my sweet co-workers would love them!

If you give these sweet Cake Pops a whirl, please let me know and I would love to see your Cake Pop creation photos! 

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