Wednesday, February 9, 2011

We've Done It Again! - New Fragrances/Flavors Added to the Flavor Bar!

We've done it again! We've added lots of new and tantalizing flavors to our flavor bar to keep you smelling yummy!  Check them out below. 

As always if you have a favorite fragrance that we don't have please let us know! Because utlimately it is all about you!  Have a sweet day. 
Brown Sugar & Fig
Brown sugar paired with juicy riped figs, a sliver of coconut, and finished off with a touch of amber.
Buttercream Cupcake
Hello cupcake! The aroma of freshly baked cupcakes topped with rich, creamy buttercream frosting. Do we need to say more? Nah, we didn't think so! YUM! 

Cake Bake 
Bakery fresh cake covered with sweet buttery frosting with a hint of spice. 
Cake Batter
A sweet combination of yummy cake batter, sugar and vanilla.  Mmmmmmm! 
Cherry Blossom
A sweet blend of pink Japanese cherry blossoms and fragrant mimosa flower petals, with warm base notes of vanilla, Tonka bean, and oriental woods.
Cotton Blossom
A blend of jasmine, violet and gardenia, with a sparkle of lemon zests and a sprinkle of vanilla.
Ed Hardy Women
A color explosion of fruits opens the scent including tropical mango, wild strawberry and ruby red grapefruit. Vintage floral with a rock n' roll edge brings a dark sexiness including black freesia.
Jasmine Exotic blend of blooming jasmine with a hint of rose. 
Pink Sugar
This fun and whimsical scent begins with pink cotton candy notes, soft musk bottom notes and a hint of jasmine. It's a sweet and sassy fragrance.  
Tart Red Raspberry 
Imagine eating a pastry tart, with ruby red raspberries sitting in concentric circles on the top? Our Tart Red Raspberry Fragrance exemplifies the scent you smell while enjoying this pastry with its rich, spice-laden, exotic, with a hint of musk. 

Lip Lollies - Lip Balm & Lollipops Unite!

Lip Balm and Lollipops! Does it get any better than that?  Nah, we didn't think so! We've combined two of our most favorite things to bring you something sweet for your lips!   Our Lip Lollies are an all natural lip balm made in your favorite yummy flavor made to look like a sweet lil lollipop! Hold on to your lollipops, it get's better!  Not only do they look adorable, smell yummy and taste sweet but they also come in tons of fun colors!  Our Lip Lollies are made with all natural paraben free products.  Super soft and buttery on lips. Glides on beautifully with no waxy feel. Made with moisturizing Shea Butter and skin nourishing Sweet Almond Oil for total lip nourishment.  Gives your lips a nice clear shine with a hint of shimmer, superior moisture and protection from the elements. Oh, sweet lollipops!  

Sprinkles Lip Lollies come in a 4ml container adorned to look like a lollipop, simpy remove the wrapper, stick and you are set to use your sweet lip balm. Now, pucker up those sweet lips and kiss somebody special!  We've packaged your Lip Lolly in a clear, sweet favor box with coordinating crinkle paper confetti.  Ready to give to yourself or somebody sweet in your life. 

Monday, February 7, 2011

Tub Poppers - Fizzying Bath Salts!

Tub Poppers are a party in your tub!  These little cuties look like Party Poppers, but instead of tasty candy they are filled with fun colored fizzying bath salts!  Our fizzy bath salts are not only fun to watch but they sooth your achy body and make you smell oh so sweet! 

As always here at Sprinkles it's all about who? YOU! That's who!  You get to make your Tub Popper the way you want it! Choose your fragrance and than choose your color(s). We can layer 2 colors per bottle, if you don't want them layered simply choose the same color for each choice.  

While these Tub Poppers may look fussy they definetely aren't fussy to use, simply remove the wrapper, gently shake your bottle, remove the cap and pour approx 1/3 cup of our fizzy bath salts into your tub.  See, we told you it was easy! 
Have a special occasion such as a birthday party, wedding, or just "because"?  Let us know we can customize with your party colors and with special gift tags.  Please email us for details. 

Ooh La La - We've Went French!

Ooh La La, we've went French! Well no not really, but you'll feel like you've stepped into a French Patisserie when you see our Macaron Soap.  This sweet soap confection looks so much like the real thing you'll be tempted to take a bite! We've whipped these up in 5 yummy fragrances/flavors! Please don't though, we promise it doesn't taste as yummy as it looks! It's soap for goodness sake! 

Our French Macarons are made with an all natural moisturizing soap, infused with Shea Butter and Safflower Seed Oil for a creamy rich decadent treat than we've filled them with our creamy whipped soap!  


Each Macaron will be individually wrapped in a sweet glassine bag w/coordinating ribbon.   Our Macaron's weight in at 3 ounces each for lots of sudsy fun! 

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Hello Cupcake! Slatkin & Co. Frosted Cupcake Candle!

Mmmmmmmmmmmm Cupcakes! I loooooooooove cupcakes!!!  The best thing about this though is that it doesn't go to my hips! This amazing yummy smelling Frosted Cupcake candle by Slatkin & Co sold at Bath & Body Works is so wonderfully delightful and yummy smelling!  My sister purchased one of these yummy candles for me as a Christmas Present.  Needless to say, I burned that baby up so fast it would have made your head spin! I've since bought two more of these candles and just can't seem to get enough!  These candles have an amazing scent throw, no wimpy smelling candle! I personally loooove strong scented candles, I mean if you are going to burn a candle you better be able to smell it right?! Otherwise, hello, what's the point?  When I light this beauty up in my house it literally smells like I'm baking cupcakes, with a decadent fragrance combination of creamy buttercream frosting, sugar and fresh vanilla bean topped off with the essence of cake batter! Only downfall I see thus far is it makes me HUNGRY! lol  Oh well, at least my house smells yummy.  

The candle is generously sized at 14.5 ounces, it includes three wicks for even burning and has a approximate burn time of 40-65 ounces. I think the container is very classy looking and I love the silver lid.  It retails for 19.50, which is a good deal.  However, if anybody knows me well enough they know I NEVER pay full price for anything! I ALWAYS have a coupon!  Last time I purchased this yummy candle I got two for the price of one! Oh yeah!  So, if you love yummy smelling candles I highly recommend this sweetie! Happy candle burning! 

Monday, January 24, 2011

Paper Flower Tutorial - Intimate Weddings

Shake your pom, pom, shake your pom, pom.  Well, these aren't your typical pom, poms. These are adorable little pom, poms made out of.......drum roll please......cupcake liners.  Okay, okay, maybe their not pom, poms at all, they actually remind me of a carnation flower.  I stumbled across this FABulous tutorial by Intimate Weddings on how to make flowers out of cupcake liners! Genius! I have like a trillion of these little bad boys! Yes, I'm addicting to purchasing cupcake liners, so sue me! I just love everything about them!  They are like eye candy to me! So, needless to say, I do have alot of these little beauties.  

I thought I would give this tutorial a whirl, it looked easy enough! I'm all about easy! You can view the tutorial here.  Since I have already had the cupcake liners all I needed to complete this little sweet project was the pipe cleaners which I picked up for a whopping 0.77 for a pack of 25.  Cheap, easy & simple! Oh yes! This project took me a whopping 2 minutes to make.  Sooooo incredibly simple you won't believe it!  Checkout my little beauty below.  Pretty nice if I do say so myself!  

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