Monday, February 7, 2011

Tub Poppers - Fizzying Bath Salts!

Tub Poppers are a party in your tub!  These little cuties look like Party Poppers, but instead of tasty candy they are filled with fun colored fizzying bath salts!  Our fizzy bath salts are not only fun to watch but they sooth your achy body and make you smell oh so sweet! 

As always here at Sprinkles it's all about who? YOU! That's who!  You get to make your Tub Popper the way you want it! Choose your fragrance and than choose your color(s). We can layer 2 colors per bottle, if you don't want them layered simply choose the same color for each choice.  

While these Tub Poppers may look fussy they definetely aren't fussy to use, simply remove the wrapper, gently shake your bottle, remove the cap and pour approx 1/3 cup of our fizzy bath salts into your tub.  See, we told you it was easy! 
Have a special occasion such as a birthday party, wedding, or just "because"?  Let us know we can customize with your party colors and with special gift tags.  Please email us for details. 

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